Bella Italia - June 20th 2010


My 9th day - wet Cortona and surrounds.

Hal, Kristin and I took the scoots into the town. Other hardier folk walked, but neither Hal nor I gave that a second thought. Uphill after all...

We went though some red-circle sign at the side of the road, and within 15 metres a fierce-ish looking Policeman wagged his finger. I made an "embarrassed oops" gesture of fingers to mouth and looking sheepish - as we were obvious tourists he grinned a sigh and waved us on. We parked up in a small empty square. "Empty" should have been a clue - as two rather hot (tight uniform, very trim) Police ladies shooed us out and directed us downhill. Downhill we went but soon turned round to find a better car-park more on the level of the town.

We wandered about, looking at shops, then it started to rain. So we stayed in a knick-knack shop full of all sorts of weird and expensive stuff. Kristin found an original Vespa poster, but at EUR150 the price was a bit steep to expect her Vespa shop to pay.

We found a nice cafe for a coffee for the next shower, and then Hal and Kristin bought some pizza - which fitted neatly into my top-box. :)

A couple of pics of the square:

In nearly every town any scaffolding was hidden rather nicely:

After pizza consumption back at the hotel we consider riding round the nearby lake - about 75km. Several others join in, and we do some lovely mountain roads before descending onto lake-level ground. Hmm... Hal hasn't caught up, and he wasn't that far behind. Yup, the first 'off' of any consequence, lots of plastic missing, but Hal himself has merely a tiny bit of road-rash - so we decide to continue and stop ASAP to draw breath.

The cafe we stopped at was most hospitable - the chap behind the bar opens up their case of 'things to be sold' and hands us each a very useful Nastro Azzurro lanyard each - rally badges are pressed into his hand as a reciprocal gesture.

Checked Hal's oil - fine - so we move on - but not for long. I look at the sky that's in the direction we want to go, and it doesn't look at all inviting. Having had one off it would be tempting fate to take this on, especially as I was probably the only one with gear for the cold and wet. So we turn back, and ply ourselves with beer back at the hotel.

Odo at the end of the day:

No track of the day - I'd had to reset the GPS - it had got clagged up with tom-tom 'hidden via-points'. Grr...