Bella Italia - June 24th 2010


My 13th day - Riding for the ride. Bliss.

Some went sight-seeing in Pisa. Some went riding instead - guess what type of group Jess, Patrick, Kristin and myself made up!

Yes, there were a lot more photos like that. Suffice to say, we rattled along, stopped here and there for pees, coffee, fags, whatever, but the concentration was on finding the wiggly roads, and nailing them.

Eventually we stopped for lunch - which was a bit of a cock-up by the family who had obviously just taken over for holiday relief. Thank goodness the teenage daughter had a brain-cell - we eventually all had food.

There was a street up to the top - one of the oldest and thickest-walled towers of the hill-top cities - 10th century IIRC. Here's an Ape just getting up there. Yes, I did this myself while the others waited to be served - I had been recently taught how a little bit of effort can give great unexpected results.

This old beast had seen better days:

Yes we can!

When we went up a hill (because it was there) I was surprised to find Jess and Patrick didn't want to get to the top - so I led:

Random Italian bloke who loved his new stickers!

Then the last supper

And the banner properly signed off - but this is just Au Revoir to many who rode here, not Goodbye - and I have 4 more days of riding:

Odo at the end of the day:

Track of the day (236km):