Epilogue - Life is good


What next? A surprising amount in very quick order!

Within a day of getting home, the red GTS was secured by Kristin, I had contracted to buy an excellent GTS 250 this side, we had Greece and many other trips into the future up and waiting in the wings. Kristin is staying here in October, me over there December at least, maybe November as well if things get sorted here OK. Loads still to get sorted out - the detritus of past lives has to be overthrown.

I cannot fully believe how lucky we were/are. Both of us were on the verge of putting ourselves on some shelf - happy to observe but not participate in Real Life perhaps. Now it's vision forward - watching a vanishing point which beautifully moves further away!

Here's a little list of those who were catalysts, to whom many thanks, you knew not what you did.

Al and Ardy for the Italy trip, and all those who attended.

The Donkei Skok crew for unremittingly extracting every innuendo from any report and taking it completely the wrong way - though actually bang on the button! :)

Patrick and Jess and their good ladies for all the support and encouragement, even if you didn't know you were giving it.

Darragh for being a Good Bloke.

And most of all Kristin - yes, I guess we're now publically an 'item'. A couple of humans rescued from the brink.

G'night folks.



© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010