California - 2nd August 2010


Mt Diablo and the GTS gives us a glimmer of an idea.

Gertrude wouldn't play ball this day, kept losing her towel, or rather power. The damn connector just kept jiggling out. So some other method of ensuring she's kept happy was required for the days ahead - eventually the judicious use of a cable-tie gripping the connector cover did the trick.

We went up Mt Diablo ($10 each just for that bit of road?) but the views from the top were stunning, and it was deliciously warm in the sunshine.

After we exited the Diablo State Park I was led astray along some lovely back roads, some quite narrow and with tricky surfaces, so some more miles of total concentration, with loads of peg and centre-stand scraping! We ended up at an olive farm, and bought all sorts of olives, which helped the evening meal later.

I'd had a craving for some potatoes, so a couple of pounds of small tasty spuds went in a pan - half tonight, the rest ready to be eaten cold or fried the next day. Kristin made some gorgeous bruschetta ("tomato tears", another story), and together with leaves from the garden and a bottle of wine a very tasty and filling repast was enjoyed.

A lovely warm evening, plans began to emerge for October and beyond. We both agreed we wanted to travel the world - and we'd love to do it together. Kristin was already thinking of getting a GTS for longer touring trips (Italy had inspired her!), so why not buy the red one we'd been using? Now Kristin really wanted a white one - but I wanted the fastest colour, and besides, we'd get a really good deal on the red one. Perhaps I could buy one in the UK as well - then we'd each have a bike in each country. But we put this idea away for the moment - but it simmered for both of us.

116 miles today, but no sensible tracks due to Gertrude's intermittent sulkiness. Must remember to top up the MP3 with some oil.




© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010