California - 3rd to 6th August 2010


Routine days - but a lot gets done.

The next four days were pretty much routine days - cat-caring, dog-walking, minding the shop, more cat-feeding, going out for meals in the evening, long chats about life, the universe and everything, as one does when happy and content with a beer and a very close friend in hand.

I noticed that Kristin started all the bikes once a week or so to keep the gas from going stale in the carbs, but I reckoned this would eventually knacker the batteries - as proved to have happened to one of the Kymcos. Normally in the UK a showroom bike wouldn't even have a battery connected until final PDI and sale - but our petrol doesn't have any ethanol, takes many months to go stale, and anyway none is added to the bikes until PDI.

So I suggested hooking up battery tender pigtails to each bike, and having one particular 'station' in the shop where each bike in turn would get a two-weekly overnight charge-up. The two Kymcos had this done straight away - the rest would have to wait an extra supply of pig-tails.

Also the door to the shop had to kept wedged open, as the door-closer Kristin had ordered and received last November still hadn't been fitted. Despite its included unhelpful instructions, I got that sorted, so now the air conditioning needn't struggle in the heat, and the heating wouldn't be wasted in the winter. I bet that door-closer saves more each week than it's initial cost!

Shelves and hooks went up in various places and that multimeter was purchased.

On Thursday the dogs were walked by someone else as we visited Darragh at Rockridge Two Wheels, and had a good natter to all and sundry. It was quite cold coming over the hills to get there so I 'borrowed' an overjacket for the journey back. This proven invaluable for my Saturday trip on the Three Peaks Challenge and on other rides, so I 'bought' that anyway. Still haven't paid for it at the time of writing - but that's in hand.

Friday I prepped the MP3 for the Three Peaks. I was scraping the pegs too much on spirited turns so raised them up a notch. Now they scraped at the same time as the centre-stand, though which actually happened first depended on how the road undulated. Also Jess's Bill Mayer saddle was a tad low for me, and I couldn't readily hang off to stave off that scraping, so I swapped it with a stock seat from a 500 sitting in the shop. I remembered to top-up with oil too!

We took to bed early, as I had to leave as near to 06:00 in the morning as possible in order to get to the breakfast meet on time in San Jose.




© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010