California - 7th August 2010!!!


The Three Peaks challenge - bring it on!!!.

I was very, very lucky to have my Mission Improbable trip coincide with the Three Peaks Challenge.

All with some of my favourite riders who I already knew, and some who I knew by reputation on MV. All augured well, and so it turned out!

I actually left home at 06:10, which is freaking early for me, after an 05:30 crawl out of a lovely warm bed to shower and stuff and generally wake up with at least a pint (Imperial!) of tea. I wanted to go, I wanted to crawl back in bed. GO!! Ok, I obeyed. I know when I'm licked.

Prepared for the chill with the (not as at the time of writing paid for, sorry Darragh) over-jacket, I made good time to San Jose, fuelling up bang on 07:00 a hundred yards from the meet-up, and waving at Jess on his Cannonball-probable machine as I left the fuel-stop. Interesting, the station attendant opening up was the first Sikh I'd met in the USA, he was all smiles when he heard my home-counties English accent. ;)

Quick story of the ride - took no prisoners, ignored yellow peril, decided after Mt Hamilton to hang off a LOT MORE! and generally had an absolute ball. With special thanks to Patrick who I somehow caught up with every time a toll hove in view (owe you many a pint my friend), Jess for allowing my to tinker with his machine (bloody ace ride), Kristin for not moaning too much as she had to work that day, and all and every one of the other participants who allowed me to eat my fill of overtakes. :P

I'm not picking special pictures here, you can have the lot:

Note to Kristin - as soon as you know the dates for this ride next year, organise the time off and take it by storm! I'll be there too!

Track of the day, 281 miles in toto:




© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010