California - 8th August 2010


A gentle day - painless shopping and sailing.

Oh what a different day!

I was somewhat euphoric after yesterday's antics, and today we had been invited to sail with Darragh - Kristin had wanted to for four years, yet the minute I show up it all happens? Well sometimes these things just happen - good one Darragh. :)

The only footwear I possessed US-side were my boots and some very daft sandals Tom my elder 'orrible had bought for me for Barbados last year. Neither any use whatsoever on a sailing boat. My boots would mark the deck, the sandals were cheap and would be very slippery my sole to their sole when wet - they went in the bin. So I was taken shopping.

This was the first time I'd been taken shopping for stuff for me that was fun. No faffing about, no humming and harring - straight in, yes/no - and I got sorted in double quick time with some sensible sandal-ish things, some crocs (which I'd always looked askance on, now a convert, sorry) and a superb thin but very effective fleece.

Quickly and efficiently paid for, we moved on.

Now meeting up with Darragh was bound to be a problem. Timing not being one of his strongest points it seems, or traffic anticipation, we hung about at the harbour for quite a while - which was a blessing in disguise, we had a lovely coffee at a place I very definitely want to go back to, the Seahorse at the entrance to the marina at Sausilito.

Kristin is the accomplished sailor, I just know when to keep out of the way, and well-fed with beers I was while doing so. ;) On board were Suzanne (Darragh's other half) and Neil, with their respective daughters who behaved just fine for little'uns on a boat. :)

Many thanks for this day Darragh, it was a perfect breath of literal fresh air after so much happening in the last week or so, and I was winding down - not wanting to go home. I owe you in more ways than one!

I actually had a choice of moving my return flight to whatever date I wanted - and by now I knew I wanted to stay. BUT Kristin was due to come to the UK in a few weeks, and those very few who've held their noses and entered my rat-hole will know that I needed to get back ASAP to get it all sorted even a quarter-way reasonably before then. So I knew I was going to keep to my original schedule, but both of us regretted the necessity somewhat. Still, once done, all sorted.

Yet again, I'm not picking special pictures here, you can have the lot, silly signs and seals, all jumbled:

And Gertrude managed to get some tracks while not on a starboard tack:




© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010