California - 9th August 2010


An even more gentle day.

Kristin wanted to know if I wanted to do anything special today - well no, I didn't, I just wanted to be close and get myself mentally ready to leave, which would be a rending apart I did not want to happen.

So we just walked the dogs, and I was taken cup-cake on the back of the 300 on a tour of Kristin's favourite haunts - well some of them I guess. I remember special bus-stops (waves at Stacey) - a starbucks coffee - why are they rated so high by some? - and Kristin really getting it about using the rear brake when taking off with a passenger upsetting the usual expected equilibrium. :)

"Tomato tears" for supper - and then the last for the time being snuggled deep sleep, and I'd have to be off back to the UK in the morning. And nothing much to look forward to for a few weeks but loads of aggro clearing up/cleaning up my place which has had six hard years of diligent neglect.


More trips seemed to be possible. We're going to Greece next year, I'm going to be over at least twice if not three times before that, there's Spain, Washington State, Australia, shed-loads more of France, Slovenia, Norway - so much could be done in the next few years! Yay!

Now remember dear reader that we were considering some extra scooters...




© Jim Crowther and Kristin Gallagher 2010