California - 25th July 2010


The 4th day - getting some real riding and further exploration accomplished.

I decided to head south along Hwy 1, then head inland just before Santa Cruz. Brrr... it was cold in the foggy western outskirts of SF, so the thin liner went on top of the sweatshirt and under the mesh jacket. This was just fine - slightly chilly arms, but even with my thinnish gloves I didn't quite need the heated grips.

Did a fill-up. The gas stations here require either a card at the pump or payment by cash in advance, no filling-up and then paying. I guess they've had too many drive-aways. I don't know what all the fuss is about the Cali pumps - just insert the nozzle, push down hard to form a seal, pump until the first click, and I bet there's not room for another 100ml of gas in there, as the nozzles are a lot shorter than in the UK/EU.

The only good bit of this section of Hwy 1 is the first freeway bit - after that it's long boring stretches of double-yellow diseased roads full of tourists and other dozey drivers. Bloody frustrating.

I spotted the 10,000 mile mark on Jess's MP3, duly recorded:

I turned off left up Bonny Doon, and then the twisties started amongst really interesting and varied scenery. One section (China Grade, just a few hundred yards on the right past Boulder Creek Country Club) was particularly tricky - very steep very small radius turns. Lots of back-brake control required - thank heavens for the J Costa (thanks Jess!) as I'm damn sure the standard variator would have hammered the clutch with the tight slow manouvers.

Found a stopping place with lovely views along Big Basin Way, then onto Sunshine Boulevard. A quick photo-op at Alice's Restaurant, and then I followed the road all the way back into SF.

A great day, and some interesting thoughts for a possible future ride - which as it happened came in very useful indeed.


And today's tracks:




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