California - 30th July 2010


The three-day trip pt3 - near Santa Cruz to home via SF and the Golden Gate bridge.

We were looking forward to this third day's ride - we planned to go via Empire Grade, Big Basin Way, Jameson Creek and then along Skyline Boulevard, and to have lunch at Alice's restaurant.

Gay-Ann led us along back roads to the start of Empire Grade, where we said our farewells. We look forward to riding with you again soon Gay-Ann!

Lovely, lovely roads, a few of which I'd done previously a few days before, but they seemed even better the second time around with Kristin known to be grinning tucked in snugly behind me.

Those who know these roads will know of what I write - but there's no real way to explain them in words - a brief attempt:

No straights, up or down or sideways. Very little if any yellow-line disease. Glorious dappled sunlight through fully-leafed trees, good sight-lines round nearly every corner and curve. A rider's delight, for miles and miles and miles. Not an all-out hooning road - most bends were too sharp for that - very sharp indeed - but I can still feel the smiles from those miles weeks later.

Just before getting onto the main bit of Big Basin Way we stopped at the only oasis - the Boulder Creek country club - why do US golfers always use golf-carts? Can't they walk?

Never mind, we needed the loos, good timing, and this was a happy picture. :)

And later along I got snapped:

Good God those roads were good! Eventually we get to Alice's restaurant, and we enjoyed the company of Carlo - definitely a 'character' - as long as he's my friend I'll feel safe, but do NOT cross this man!

But he was kind enough to take our picture:

Then we wound our way back to SF - to pick up those clothes I'd left at cousin Pauline's. Then over the Golden Gate Bridge...

Heh, just as we were committed to crossing, we noticed the fuel light and we were already 10 miles into reserve! Bah, I know this machine can do 28 miles on the dot at WOT like this, so Sausilito here we come! But I had to keep moving, no stopping and idling in traffic, so I went into 'London' mode and took absolutely zero prisoners while filtering. I didn't see any cars or trucks, just gaps opening and closing, and swooped amongst them, great fun.

So now is a series of pics of that bit:

Got fuel just in time I think. ;) And found a great very Italian cafe for refreshment.

Back home was meant to be via more twisties, but by good luck and forgetfulness we did it the quick way - as we were both tired out by then.

This was a Very Good three-day trip. Thank-you to all who helped it happen.

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